Floorball during the Special Olympics Sweden Invitational Games in Duved  on February 01, 2020

Floorball is a universal sport that can be played by people of all ages and ability levels. It only requires a stick, a hockey goal, and a uniform. Similar to other bandy variants, a floorball team consists of five players and a goalkeeper on the court at a time. However, there are many differences that make the sport of floorball unique; floorball is played indoors using special light weight sticks and a plastic ball with holes. The main objective of the game is to score the ball into an opponent’s goal.

Established at Special Olympics

The roots of floorball have been traced back as far as the late 1950’s in both the USA and Sweden. However, the sport we play today was developed several years later in Sweden. The first international floorball tournament was held in 1994 in Finland with seven participating teams under the International Floorball Federation.

Floorball is easy to learn but also requires strength, speed and skill. The combination of teamwork and the fast paced tempo has made floorball an increasingly popular sport all over the world.

Originally commissioned in 2009 and used as one of the venues for the 27th Summer Universiade, the Kazan Tennis Academy will host the floorball competition.