Alpine Skiing

Alpine Skiing

Alpine skiing is the sport of racing down snow-covered hills on skis with fixed-heel bindings. It is a race between skiers, the mountain and the clock. Alpine skiing events vary in length of the course, number of turns and formats, and navigating alternating red and blue gates down the hill.

Established at Special Olympics

Due to the discovery of varying sizes and shapes of wooden planks preserved in peat bogs in Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway, it is certain that skiing was an integral part of life in colder countries for thousands of years. However, the birth of modern alpine skiing is dated back to the 18th century when Norwegians popularized skis with curved sides and bindings.

Alpine skiing is a challenging sport. It requires, in addition to a combination of endurance and strength, a high capacity of quickness and action/reaction endurance. Through proper training, athletes benefit from the sport by improving their physical, psychological and mental efficiency.

Built in 2004, Sviyaga Alpine Skiing Complex is a popular venue for skiers, snowboarders, and other outdoor enthusiasts.