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Russia is the largest country in the world by total area. It is home to 146 million people making it the ninth in terms of population.

The state language is Russian, which is widely spread in all regions of the country, and unites representatives of over 190 nationalities. 85 federal subjects make up the entire country.

The basic unit of currency is rouble (₽). One rouble is equal to 100 kopeks.

Moscow is the capital of Russia, while Saint Petersburg is called the Cultural Capital, and Kazan – the Sports Capital that will host the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2022.


Science and culture

Russia is a motherland of eminent writers and poets, artists and architects, musicians and composers, scientists and cosmonauts, researchers and inventors, discoverers and travelers.

Country representatives contributed to the evolution of the world’s science and culture, made discoveries in mathematics, physics, chemistry, medicine, biology; presented the world with masterpieces in art and literature, architecture and landscape design, music, and theater.

Russian culture is diverse and versatile thanks to the fact that lies in a multitude of ethnicities living in the territory of the largest country.

Russia carefully treats its cultural and historic heritage – new programs on the protection of the national monuments and territories development emerge regularly, new museums and centers open up.

Other than this, architectural, historic and cultural, and natural sites of the territory of the Russian Federation are inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list.


Natural beauties of Russia are thick Siberian forests right in the heart of the country, mountains of Ural, Altai and Caucuses, volcanic hills and volcanos of Kamchatka, fresh lakes of Karelia and the deepest lake on earth – Baikal. Volga – the longest river in Europe – flows across Russia. All in all Russia amounts over 30 national parks and 80 reserves.

Russia is rich in large reserves of mineral and energy resources and is considered one of the leading power producers.

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Russian residents have always been distinct in hospitality and kindliness, therefore the guests are warmly welcomed whatever region of the country they visit. Ancient cities and towns, beaches and seaside, skiing resorts and mountaineering, hiking and rafting, gastronomic specialties, and much more.


The tourist flow soared in the recent years has contributed to the construction of the hotels that allows the guests to select the variants to suit every pocket.

Well-developed transport infrastructure enables quickly move around by public transport both within the city and across the whole country.



Russian cuisine is known all over the world and does not leave indifferent even sophisticated travelers.

Each region of the country offers its one-of-a-kind recipes; nevertheless traditional dishes are ubiquitously spread: pancakes, borsch and schi, dumplings, pies, various porridges. A fermented drink made from bread, kvass is especially popular.


Russia traditionally pays a great deal of attention to sport and annually stages major mass sports events and spartakiads (sports and athletic contests). The Summer Universiade Kazan 2013, Winter Olympics Sochi 2014, 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™, Winter Universiade Krasnoyarsk 2019 left a rich legacy in a form of sports venues. Various federations, clubs, and communities engaging as many people in sport as possible operate all over the country.

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