Beyond Sports

Apart from the sports program, the Special Olympics World Winter Games also feature an array of programs and events aimed at including people with intellectual disabilities in all spheres of life and into sporting activities.

Healthy Athletes

The program offers health exams and education to athletes with intellectual disabilities. The aim of the program is to give athletes an opportunity to perform at their best during training sessions and at Special Olympics competitions, as well to change athletes' lives for the better.
Opening Eyes
Comprehensive eye assessments, prescription eyewear, sunglasses and sports goggles
Healthy Hearing
Comprehensive hearing screenings and follow-up recommendations
Special Smiles
Comprehensive oral health care information, including offering free dental screenings and instructions
Screenings for flexibility of hamstring, calf, shoulder rotator and hip flexor muscles; functional strength of the abdominal and lower extremity muscles; and balance. 
Fit Feet
Screenings to evaluate ankles, feet and lower extremity biomechanics.

Inclusive Events

The programs are focused at engaging athletes in the life of society by breaking down barriers existing between society and people with intellectual disabilities.
young athletes.jpeg
Young Athletes Program
The program is designed to introduce children with and without intellectual disabilities (ID), ages 2 to 7 years old, to the fun world of physical activity.
motor activity training program.jpeg
Motor Assistance Training Program (MATP)
The program is designed to prepare athletes with severe or profound intellectual disability and significant physical disabilities for sport-specific activities.
2011 World Games Athens
Unified Sports
The program integrates individuals with and without intellectual disabilities on teams for sport training and competition to promote social engagement and development.
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Host City Experience
The aim of the program is to provide the athletes an opportunity to acclimatize and rest, while at the same time creating opportunities for cultural sharing and experiences that will spread the celebration of the Games and to integrate athletes in society through the engagement of local civic volunteer leaders and partnerships with schools.