“Many thanks to the players, fans, and the whole Kazan”


All-Russian National Special Olympics Floorball and Unified Floorball Competitions determined the winners.

Unified floorball

The team from Saint Petersburg beat Tatarstan-1 in the unified floorball final and took the first place. Bronze was gained by the second team of Tatarstan.


Saint Petersburg – Republic of Tatarstan – 1 – 8:0

Third-place match

Republic of Tatarstan – 2 – Ulyanovsk – 4:2

“Only positive emotions, which are still lasting. We liked the competitions very much, it was a festival for the children. They gained great experience in terms of communication and sport. Everybody is so happy,” told Artyom Markelov, coach of the Tatarstan unified floorball team.


Moscow female floorball players went through the entire tournament with no defeats, so their opponents could hardly expect the victory. Tatarstan-2 claimed the bronze.


Moscow – Saint Petersburg – 10:3

Third-place match

Saint Petersburg – 1 – Saint Petersburg – 2 – 1:9

Men, division 1

An experienced team from Moscow defeated the girls from Kemerovo with a 7:1 score in the final having proved the status of the strongest in this tournament.


Moscow – Kemerovo Oblast – 7:1

Third-place match

Saint Petersburg – Saint Petersburg – 1:5

“We were upset to lose in the final, but Moscow is a very strong team. Next time we will definitely have more luck,” said Andrey Starodubov, player of the Kemerovo team.

“The guys are doing good job. We have been doing floorball for one year and it was their first tournament. We lost in the matches with Kemerovo and Moscow, as the opponent was strong, but in the game for the bronze the guys showed will and character," noted the coach of the Tatarstan team Andrey Tychkov.

Men, division 2


Ryazan Oblast – Zelenodolsk – 4:1

Third-place match

Perm Krai – Novosibirsk Oblast – 3:4

“We played in an interesting division, we have a good result. Many thanks to all the players, coaches, fans and Kazan for hosting the tournament. We will be glad to come here again. Vivid emotions, only positive impressions. Children with intellectual disabilities really need floorball,” said Vasily Petukhov, coach of Novosibirsk floorball players.