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All-Russian National Special Olympics Floorball and Unified Floorball Competitions

LOC and Contractors

The registration procedure is handled online in the personal account of the Accreditation System. Registration is carried out by one responsible person (Registration Contact) nominated by each organization.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: no later than 12 April 2021

The login, password and instructions are forwarded to the email address of the Registration Contact.

If you are a Registration Contact nominated by your organization, but have not been provided with access to the Accreditation System, please send your request to the representative of the Games Organizer, with whom communication is carried out regarding the implementation of the functionality within the framework of the Games.


Registration Contact should fill out Individual Forms for each involved employee, indicating personal data and personal photographs.


Incomplete or incorrectly completed Individual Forms will not be considered by the Organising Committee. Please change the status of the Individual Entry Forms from "Draft" to "Submitted." You can monitor the status of profiles in the account.


Badges will be provided to the participants that have duly and successfully undergone the registration procedure in the Accreditation System (Individual Entry Form status will change for the status "Active").

Badges will be issued to the responsible person in ONE package upon presenting the original passport and power of attorney with the list of registered persons indicated in the appendix.

Information on the location and working hours of the Credentialing Center will be provided after the registration process is completed. Please follow the updates on the website later.