“Our goal is to popularize floorball”


First matches of the All-Russian National Special Olympics Floorball and Unified Floorball Competitions took place on May 4

As many as over 100 athletes representing 9 regions of the Russian Federation have gathered in Kazan for the competitions which are the test events in the lead-up to the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2022. First official matches kicked off right after an astonishing Opening Ceremony.

Unified, men

The team from Saint Petersburg opened the lead in the unified floorball match having won twice over both Tatarstan teams – Tatarstan-2 – 10:2 and Tatarstan-1 – 4:3.

“Our goal is to popularize floorball and get children with health disabilities involved. We have many competitions like this in Saint Petersburg what we are thankful to our leadership for. Impressions about the event organisation in Kazan are good. The guys are so happy and this is the most important,” told Nina Egorova, a unified floorball coach of the Saint Petersburg team.

1. Saint Petersburg – 2 wins; 2. Republic of Tatarstan – 1 win; 3. Ulyanovsk Oblast – 1 win; 4. Republic of Tatarstan-2 – 0 point.

Men, division 1

In the first division, men conducted two matches. Moscow team won over Tatarstan with a 7:0 score, while floorball players from Kemerovo Oblast defeated the guests from Khabarovsk Krai – 12:2. The most exciting meets in this group are yet to take place.

1-2. Moscow and Kemerovo Oblast – one win each, 3-5. Khabarovsk Krai, Republic of Tatarstan and Saint Petersburg – 0 point.

Men, division 2

In the second division, men from Ryazan Oblast and Zelenodolsk grabbed the victories. The former beat Nobosibirsk 11:3 and Tatarstan floorballers outplayed the ones from Perm 7:0.

“The guys are still young and are gaining experience. We are doing good job and advancing from a game to the game. That makes me happy,” noted Natalya Azanova, coach of the Perm Krai team”

1-2. Ryazan Oblast and Zelenodolsk – one win each. 3-4. Perm Krai and Nobosibirsk Oblast – 0 point.


Female floorball players from Moscow showed a confident game and scored 37 balls in two matches but missed two balls. Saint Petersburg and Tatarstan-2 will get into a scramble for the second place – after the first day both teams have one win.

1. Moscow – 2 wins; 2-3. Saint Petersburg and Republic of Tatarstan-2 – one win each; 4. Tatarstan-1 – 0 point.