In sport, I am guided by the faith, hope, and love


The fans cheered up for the skaters with loud applause and gifted them soft toys, this way thanking them for the emotional performances. The athletes skated a short and free program for both single and pair skating, and the audience got to know the winners of the first medals. So, in the men’s free program, Saydash Kashapov (degree 1) and Nikolay Strelnikov (degree 2) were the best. In pair skating, Roman Zinurov and Anna Yakovleva from Saint Petersburg had a bright performance.

“Today we had a short program with Anna. Everything came out, everything was fine, we got points. We danced the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ program. Everyone liked it very much and said it was very beautiful. Tomorrow there will be a free program and we’ll need to perform a double salchow and axel. I am very worried. Although there are no opponents, I have to show what I can do and not to fall for the jump to go well. You have to jump in sync to make the audience happy.”

We have been performing together for 4 years now. Tatyana Navka for these competitions, we demonstrated our ‘Snow’ exhibition performance to the Philipp Kirkorov’s song. She really liked it!” Roman shared his impressions.

In addition, short track competitions started at the Sports Palace, and the victory of the multiple Special Olympics champion Irina Nikitina is worth noting. She showed the best time at a 500 m distance, competing against the men. Maria Mukhina took first place among girls. As for the men in different divisions, Kirill Volodin and Lenar Furin have the best results.

The snowshoeing competition continues at the Burevestnik stadium. In the relay races, the teams of the Sverdlovsk Oblast, Moscow, and Krasnodar Krai obtained the best results. The first places in different events were claimed by Lyudmila Ermolaeva, Tatyana Savchenko, Anna Askalina, Ekaterina Shatunova, Tatyana Ilyaschenko, Vera Ozhgibesova, Anna Chuprova, Mariya Nazymova, Vasilina Kalinina, Kristina Tarasova, Ekaterina Zvereva, Alyona Zhuravskaya, Anton Bashkatov, Danila Dynnik, Gennadiy Malakhov, Ilnur Khibatullin, Shandro Ogly, Ali Gasanov, Aleksandr Egorov, Andrey Teplyakov, Artyom Baranov, and Sergey Salmin.

“The Games gave very vivid impressions. I like the very idea of such events, the cool organization,” Dariya Nazmutdinova uttered.

“I do love running! It makes the blood run and is very useful. I have been doing snowshoeing for the second year, at first I ran at home, and then I went to trainings, and it began to work out. In sport I am guided by the faith, hope, and love,” said the participant Olesya Sedletskaya.

But the participants of the snowshoeing races are not going to relax yet. Three more finals are ahead on Sunday. Over than this, the finals will be also held in figure skating and short track speed skating.