“Floorball substitutes hockey for me”

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The way sport fulfils the dreams of Adel Vanyukhin

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that nearly every Kazan boy keen on hockey is dreaming about meeting and have an informal talk with Ak Bars hockey players. Adel Vanuykhin was privileged not just to meet but play with them. What is more, he did score a goal with the pass of the Gagarin Cup holder and give him a rewarding pass back.

After the Gala match held prior to the opening of the All-Russian National Special Olympics Floorball and Unified Floorball Competitions, one of the Ak Bars leaders, 2014 World Champion Aleksandr Burmistrov shook Adel’s hand and exclaimed “Good job! You are the best! After such a pass you could hardly miss a goal”. “Thank you, I was happy to have played with you,” modestly replied Adel.

Adel and Aleksandr together played for the White Bars team and both felt contented. It is highly probable that they could have faced each other at the ice rinks but due to the injury Adel’s hockey career didn’t work out, although he began doing sport when he was 6. Spare time was then replaced by football, athletics, table tennis, and two years ago, he got to know floorball via the coach of the boarding school No.1.

“Sport for me is everything. I cannot do without it. It gives me more confidence and I have what to do in my spare time. Earlier we mainly played futsal and then switched to floorball. This sport substitutes hockey for me, because they have a lot in common,” tells Adel. “I’ve been a big Ak Bars fan for a long time, so sometimes I go to the matches. Aleksandr Morozov has always been my favorite”.

Both Aleksandr and Adel are very familiar with the team captain position. The latter is the Platina floorball team captain, and participation in the Special Olympics to be held in Kazan in 2022 is part of his plans.

We hope that this dream of Adel will definitely come true, as well.