“Floorball has its own philosophy”


Vladimir Khramtsov about his path to floorball.

Veni, vidi, vici. This winged Latin expression belonging to Julius Caesar can characterize the path of the Moscow team goalkeeper Vladimir Khramtsov in floorball. Just 9 months after taking up a new sport for himself, he and his team claimed gold medals at the tournament in Kazakhstan, and in a few years more, he took part in the Special Olympics in South Korea and became a prizewinner. However, there is hard work behind the deceptive simplicity.

“After each workout I find 8-10 bruises. If a player with good hitting technique hits, they may break their finger till it bleeds. We are all approaching it seriously,” says Vladimir. Back in time, he used to be a goalkeeper in football and handball teams, played in the "Golden Puck" hockey tournament, and then knew floorball, and he fell for it.

“Floorball is an unusual sport. This is not football, where you put on sneakers and shorts and run to play in the yard. It has its own philosophy. This is what I liked about it. Moreover, it immediately began to work out. Sergey Bykovsky trained me well, and now I pass on the experience to the young guys. It is a pity that there are not so many people willing to stay in the goal,” says Vladimir.

The goalkeeper in team sports is half the team and these are not just words. One successful rescue can turn the course of a match, and this is true even for such an efficient sport as floorball. In the first match of the All-Russian National Special Olympics Floorball and Unified Floorball Competitions Vladimir proved this by not missing a single goal.

“The preparation for the tournament was very serious. Those who could trained several times a week, and our rivals were the guys who are 2-3 times stronger than us. But now we step out to the field of play and knees do not shake. Everyone knows what and how they can. It helps a lot,” explains Vladimir Khramtsov.

Thanks to floorball and Special Olympics, Vladimir has traveled to many European countries, participated in the Games in South Korea and crossed the ocean, performing at the tournament in Los Angeles.

“I remember the high level of organization and players in Europe. In South Korea, I was definitely impressed by the atmosphere. No wonder they talk about the Olympic spirit – everything was filled with it. We tuned in for a good result, trained very hard and wanted to show a beautiful game at the Special Olympics,” recalls the athlete.