“Everything is so good in Kazan, children are happy”


First-round games of the floorball and unified floorball competitions have concluded.

All-Russian National Special Olympics Floorball and Unified Floorball Competitions are well under way. The majority of men’s team have had first out of two scheduled tournament rounds and moved one-step toward play off. The main scramble is ahead but there are favorites in some groups.

Unified, men

The Unified floorball team from Saint Petersburg defeated the team from Ulyanovsk with a 6:1 score, while floorball players from Tatarstan demonstrated an outstanding and unpredictable game confronting an opponent with still no winner –  6:6.

1. Saint Petersburg – 9 points; 2-3. Republic of Tatarstan-1 and Ulyanovsk Oblast – 4 points each; 4. Republic of Tatarstan-2 – 1 point.

Men, division 1

Moscow and Kemerovo teams ran a little less effective but no less exciting match in the men’s division 1. The group leaders finished the match with a 4:4 score and with a previous win over the athletes from Khabarovsk (12:0) and Saint Petersburg (9:0). The team from the Neva riversides had another defeat from Tatarstan – 0:5.

1-2. Moscow and Kemerovo Oblast – 7 points each; 3. Tatarstan – 2 points; 4-5. Saint Petersburg and Khabarovsk Krai – 0 point.

Men, division 2

Men’s division 2 leaders from Ryazan Oblast and Zelenodolsk had a tie – 2:2 and then beat Perm (14:0) and Novosibirsk (8:1) respectively.

“This is just our second floorball competition, therefore we are testing what we can do and hope for the best. The game will show. For many guys everything is new. We will strive for the first place,” told Aleksandra Vasilchenko, childcarer of the Zelenodolsk psychoneurological boarding school.

“The young men are winning so far and doing good job. So I am glad. In our region, we have not played due to the pandemic, so it is the first time in Tatarstan. Everything is so good in Kazan, the children are happy. Everything is well organized and just perfect. We had warm welcome and good games,” shared the coach from Ryazan Oblast Viktor Lasinsky.

1,2. Ryazan Oblast and Zelenodolsk – 7 points each; 3. Nobosibirsk – 3 points; 4. Perm – 0 point.


The athletes from Moscow won the third consecutive major victory among women – they scored 17 straight goals against Tatarsta. Saint Petersburg defeated the second team of Tatarstan with a 14:0 score and continued the pursuit of the capital's floorball players.

“The tournament in Kazan is cool. The team are impressive, everybody wants to win. We have been training for a 1-1,5 years but came to Kazan to win,” told Anastasiya Kuznetsova from the Moscow team.

1. Moscow – 9 points; 2. Saint Petersburg – 6 points; 3. Republic of Tatarstan-2 – 3 points; 4. Republic of Tatarstan – 0 point.

Second-round matches are scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday.